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Banco Popular


    UX/UI Designer - AR Consultant


    2022 - 2023


    Mobile App

See the world from the immersive perspective of augmented reality, with videos, holograms, 3D elements and more using MIRA (Mi Realidad Aumentada) Popular.

The App

The MIRA application is released with the annual editorial publication of the communications department in this version, “Taínos: Arte y Sociedad.”

The book “Taínos: Arte y Sociedad” offers the reader a deep look at the customs and artistic expression of the Taínos on the island of Hispaniola in an interactive way. It is also the first Dominican publishing project that includes Augmented Reality technology.

Through the mobile application MIRA (Mi Realidad Aumentada), the reader can learn more about Taínos interactively, making the content of the book interactive through multimedia elements that overlap on the pages and allow you to explore Tainos 3D pieces, holograms, and animations. Also, through the app, users can consume 360º content through augmented reality portals of different caves (Cueva de las Maravillas Park and Los Tres Ojos National Park) and explore García Arevalo museum in an interactive way.


It was very satisfactory work with this project because it is interesting how the banking company uses immersive technology to engage with new customers.

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